you’re here because you wanna go to disney, eh?
Let me guess…. your friend just got back and now the wheels are turning and you’ve decided it’s finally time to take the fam.

You’ve started looking at your options, but now you’re getting overwhelmed and the idea of the dream Disney vacation is slowly fading.

Too much time.
Too much effort.
Too much studying just to find the perfect combination of elements for your family.

Disney vacations are magical, there’s absolutely no denying it – but the magic comes even more easily with an expert guiding you throughout the entire planning process.

  • you have someone committed to you and your specific needs

  • someone who is looking out for you and is deeply invested in your happiness every step of the way

  • you have someone sitting on hold so you don’t have to

  • someone who will show you what you need to know so you don’t need to google at 2 am

Disney is amazing with working with special needs guest. I personality know this because my 7 year old Cooper has Autism. I have learned how to plan a successful Disney trip working around my sons needs. 

If your child or a member of your group has a special need or disability of any sort, please let me know.